MAGIC-BIKE  the new Swiss Singletransporter

The pioneering invention on the basis of an electric drive comes from Switzerland. Half standup scooter, half skateboard...that's the Magic-Bike "Made in Switzerland"!

Heart of the vehicle is the extremely lightweight aluminium frame with 3kg, which will be produced according to "Swiss-Metal-Precision Technology" in Switzerland. That allows a rider up to 130kg bodyweight to use the bike safely. The unique alloy tilt axis and the antislip standing platform made of wood is also manufactured in Switzerland.

The vehicle is powered by a 500 Watt front hub motor. The energy comes from a 48V/11Ah Lithium-Ion batterypack which gives enough power to drive more than 30 km per battery. A second sparebattery can be fixed additionally while driving. (The total range can be doubled!) That gives the driver the relaxed feeling without being exposed to the risk to remain standing somewhere with a "dead" battery. For recharging the battery it needs a 220V socket. The charging time takes 5 hours. It is advisable to wear a helmet and safety clothing as well as bicycle gloves.


10. Jan 2017: The universal adapter for the Magic-Bike is ready for use!

The new universal adapter is mounted on the tale of the vehicle at the Magic-Bike. A Swiss steel construction that allows maximum stability! With the adapter, various useful attachments can be fixed with a few hand movements. Even a height-adjustable bicycle saddle is now mountable on the vehicle and now the Magic-Bike can be driven also in the sitting position. All kinds of luggage-boxes as well as accessories such as golf bag holder and even advertising flags of all kinds can be easily inserted into the adapter.