The special vehicles of Magic-Bike:

Magic-Bike as piece of ART

The Magic-Bike can also be tuned by airbrush graphics! In combination with special colour combinations, the Magic-Bike can turn into a unique piece of exclusivity. 

Magic-Bike for waste disposal ("Cleanriding")

The Magic-Bike can also be used as an ideal garbage disposer. A special-purpose bucket is mounted on the rear axle. The highly manoeuvrable vehicle (can turn on the spot) is suitable for public cleaning services in villages and cities. 

Magic-Bike as vehicle for advertisement with special flags

The Magic-Bike as an advertising vehicle. Thanks to the universal adapter over the rear axle, advertising flags of all types and sizes can be easily fixed. Whether events or corporate events, the use of advertising flags at the Magic-Bike will always be profitable.

Magic-Bike as Golfcaddy

The Magic-Bike can be easily transformed into a vehicle for golf courses. The golf bag holder on the special adaptor and a bracket on the handlebar for golf balls and other small parts are fixed in seconds. The company Magic-Bike GmbH is testing the perfect rear tyre system. Given another adapter for fixing kart wheels is under progress. The wide slick kart tires, on which 70% of the weight of loads to be transported, gently protect the greens. (pictured are still the standard tires to see)

Magic-Bike as Barstool 

Probably the most convenient auxiliary equipment of the Magic-Bike are the so-called barstools. Round and soft they should be, so you can relax and take a brake anywhere. By pulling the parking brake  you can easily enjoy the surrounding matter in which direction you decide to sit!

Magic-Bike as recognition for themed lovers

This Magic-Bike was produced for a horse race track in Dubai. Many small details make it to a single and unique piece. 

Magic-Bike as recognition for zoos (pictured the Zurich Zoo) 

Institutions like zoos have big areas and staff and employees have to walk many miles every day. Since the Magic-Bike is a good turn. It saves time and it doesn't make you physically tired.

Magic-Bike as vehicle for industry and indoor use

Big industrial sites also have large buildings and halls. The Magic-Bike can be equipped with special grey tires for only indoor use incl. mounts for boxes and containers. Enormous time savings for staff and employees are the result and thereby encourage greater efficiency in the daily planning.

Magic-Bike individually, according to your wishes

On customers request, the Magic-Bike can be branded and painted in any colour. Nothing is impossible! Price on demand..