The Magic-Bike "Edition 2019"

The Swiss model of the Magic-Bike "Edition 2019" consists of following components:

  1. Lightweight alloy frame incl. special carving axle (both Made in Switzerland)
  2. Fullcarbon fork and handlebar handmade extra for Magic-Bike in unique design! 
  3. 500 Watt 16" electric geared hubmotor which is integrated inside a stylish alloy front rim
  4. 1x Li-Ion battery with 48V/11Ah (528Wh) incl. charger.  The battery can be protected by a locksystem.
  5. There is a free sliding slot for a spare battery at the bike's frame. 
  6. Artificial battery casing when second spare battery is not used .
  7. 5" rear gokart-wheel system incl alloy rims with tyre dimension of: 10x3.60-5
  8. Hydraulic brake system with effect on all 3 wheels!
  9. Folding stem (by foldability of the height adjustable handlebar, the Magic-Bike can be easily stored in cars, trains and busses.
  10. Special-Lightsystem with stylish LED spotlights, which can be switched on manualy while driving. That garantees best safety by less energy consumption.
  11. Special antislip-folia on standing platform gives best grip on the stand even while raining.
  12. Electronic management system stored under the standing platform protected from dust and humidity. 
  13. Worldwide unique, removable rear-mudguard system